Uses of Origami in the Modern Society


Everyone individual spends their leisure time differently from others. An individual would want to spend their free time well to do something constructive. One can learn origami during their leisure times, and apart from being fun, it also improves some skills in one’s life. These skills include creativity and problem-solving. In the modern life, creativity is crucial for the success of a person. Origami involves the art of folding papers to come up with complete designs. People can use origami to make different models such as flowers, boxes to put their belongings, hats, houses, and much more. One would think that origami is old fashioned because of the adoption and availability of technological advances, but it is still practiced up-to-date.

The complex origami is attributed to the Japanese culture that is still practiced today. The Japanese, use origami to make cranes that are associated with peace and are celebrated every year. In origami, to come up with good designs, it is encouraged to use origami papers that are packaged and sold than using ordinary papers. The benefit of using origami papers is that they have less weight compared to the ordinary ones. An origami paper is square, and they are of different sizes. Therefore, one can choose the proper paper of need depending on the shapes they want to make. In most origami books and eBooks, the authors provide people with both basic and sophisticated techniques. It is, therefore, important to keep on practicing making designs from simple to complicated ones.

The art of folding papers is not hard, and one can always learn. There are individuals and companies that have specialized in origami, and they can always train others. There are origami instructions that are followed to make a variety of models depending on the design that one wants. One can search online to get the instructions where they can download as documents after buying or can view the videos that are provided on various websites.

It is of benefit introducing origami to children to achieve some skills required in life. The skills are attained when one is practicing to make a particular object as they require one to think and solve problems. Origami can also be used to teach children with psychological conditions to improve their skills. These skills acquired through origami include concentration, creativity, problem-solving, geometry, speech and language development in young children, listening and reading skills among others. Origami can also be a profession where one can use the art to decorate both private and public parties and events. You may also watch and learn more about origami at


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